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Jake Barbush - Big Boss

Managing Director - Nguyen Thi Tran Quynh

Born in Hanoi, but the city has never been a place that I wanted to live and work. The mountains of Northern Vietnam were my pick for my first job. All of the saving I had after the 1st year working were spent on traveling alone throughout Vietnam. I. In the years that I spent in Vietnam, I worked in tourism and non-tourism in Northern and Central Vietnam.  I had the opportunity to do some of best hiking, cycling, rock climbing, motor biking (with Jim) and visit amazing hill tribe markets in Northern Vietnam. Central Vietnam was a break from tourism for me.  I moved to Laos with Jim after many visits and here I was back to tourism and do what I do best. Hiking, elephant trekking, kayaking, cycling, motor biking (with Jim), boat cruise and above all white water rafting were what I did beyond the office desk.

My daily joy is split between works, cooking, gardening, a sunset walk along the Mekong with my husband and my little boy but most of all seeing my son growing every day. With Jim, I have travelled to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Samoa, France, Germany and the US.  Alone, I made my way to Laos, Myanmar and Bhutan. Recently and also our first ever family travel with our baby boy, we visited Austria, Italy and revisited Germany and the US. The list will go on! We would love to show our son our passion for travel.

Tour Creator/Trip Researcher - James Barbush "Jimoi"

I’m American by nationality but not mentality and have chosen to live here in Asia like many other expats. 

I truly love living in the region and especially riding on and off road to get deeper into the areas that few tourists get to.  I've been to about 80 countries around the world and am pretty amazed by Southeast Asia.  I'm pretty lucky, Quynh tells me to go riding and occasionally we have clients that pay me for what I love to do, sweet indeed. In my work experience, I've been in the hospitality industry since 1988 in various hotels, restaurants and travel companies.  I've owned a few here and there and a very cool Tex Mex bar in southwest Germany.  When I was back in the States, I was fortunate to work and own a bit of Green Tortoise Adventure Travel and have brought a little of that spirit here with me to Remote Asia Travel. I am very happy to have fallen in Love with Quynh and we enjoy living in Vientiane.  I’ve spent over six years riding motorcycle around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to find locations that are remote and pure.  I’ll share most of them with Remote Asia Travel but keep a few to myself.  In the photo above, I'm in out riding in a remote area of Laos plotting a trip for a client. 

Since December, 2014 - having Jake in our family has been the best possible additions to our family and life here!


Why do we do it?

Well it’s pretty simple. We know this corner of the planet really well and with the amount of travel we’ve done here, it just made sense to start to direct those that wish to discover what’s here.  Our agency office is also our home and we are located on the Mekong River a few kilometers outside of Vientiane.  We also want you to enjoy traveling here as much as we do.  Our service is to make your time in the region as smooth as possible so you can enjoy what we love about the little piece of land known as South East Asia.

Thanks, Cam on, Khop Chai Deu, Cheers!

Thanks, Cam on, Khop Chai Deu, Cheers!