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In the photo above, locals celebrate Lao New Year (Pi Mai).  While this is fun and enjoyed by many Laotians, it's sometimes hard to take by outsiders. 

Remote Asia Travel is a dedicated company and while we enjoy our free time and have as much fun as possible, we adhere to firm principles when dealing with your holiday. 

Management and Staff

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service that meets your needs and exceeds them.  We continually evaluate our suppliers and the service levels they are operating at and this review takes place periodically on survey tours we conduct personally. 
Correspondence from clients and the like receive priority attention in our office and emails are answered as quickly and with as much information as possible.
At no time is our staff motivated by self gain as our philosophy is that we are here to serve the client needs, not the reverse.  If you request a certain hotel, this is your choice but we'll offer an upgrade to a different facility but in cases like this, it is not commission driven, your comfort is the deciding factor for us.

Guides and Drivers

Guides must be certified with local and national authorities. 
Guides are routinely trained by Remote Asia management in client service procedures and client expectations matters. 
Guides are given the flexibility to alter itineraries to suit client needs with consultation from Remote Asia management in order to assure client safety and satisfaction. 
Guides are acting in the best negotiating interest for the client and never receive a commission for any activity while on tour.
Guides remain accessible to the client for the duration of the trip and in cases where the client is in a different overnight accommodation location, the guide will furnish contact details to the client and hotel.
Guides are not permitted to drink in excess, use any drugs or engage in activities that are considered social evils of the country/province they are operating in.
Guides are agents of Remote Asia and in some cases, freelance guides are used and they fall under all the conditions listed.
At all times, Guides are to insure that the client acts in a manner respectful of the country/province and act as an educator for the clients in a manner respectful to both the client and local citizens.
Guides carry mobile phones on tour and have access to Remote Asia management at all times possible for assistance in times of emergency.


All suppliers are certified to be legally operating in the country/province in which they are contracted to operate.
Suppliers of vehicles are routinely inspected by Remote Asia for safety, comfort and reliability.
Suppliers are routinely compared with other regional suppliers for price, service and reliability.
Suppliers interacting with clients are restricted to sell or negotiate in areas outside the itinerary and conditions of the trip.
Suppliers must provide Remote Asia management with valid documentation of insurance and business registry in the country/province they operate.
Suppliers of extreme sports activities such as rafting or rock climbing are required to provide Remote Asia management with certificates proving their accreditation.


Clients are our Number One Priority.  Clear communication to and from the client results in a satisfaction and the staff and management of Remote Asia considers that English is the primary language and will often ask for clarification as English is most times a second language for suppliers, guides and often times, clients.  We are concerned about client interaction with locals and follow guidelines from the Laos National Tourism Authority. 

Clients are asked to follow standard conduct reflecting the cultural respect of the country/province they are visiting.  A full educational “Respect for the Land and People” is available from Remote Asia. Examples of this are:

-          Photography of persons with consent.

-          No wearing of offensive clothing

-          Refrain from disrespectful actions in temples or religious sites.


In the photos above, tourists angle for the "perfect shot" of the monks receiving the morning offering.  If you feel that this type of behavior is
acceptable, try turning it around:  Maybe a few Lao tourists walk the aisles of your local church and take pictures without asking permission... 
We feel, as many Lao People do - that the monks have become an attraction similar to the
monkeys at a zoo that you can take pictures of with no
regard for how they feel about the intrusion on their life.  We'd be very happy to help you integrate into this daily ritual with a little training and if
you wish to take photos, we'd be happy to point out how to do so without being a paparazzi.


Remote Asia is an agent for multiple agencies in the Southeast Asia region and while we have guides and equipment, we often use suppliers for services.  At no time is a contracted client offered sub-standard equipment in order to Remote Asia to profit. 

Remote Asia contributes to several projects related to Pro-Poor Tourism.  It is not our only philanthropic venture and we do not release this data as we do not use it for promotional use.  It is our personal use of funds generated from Remote Asia and considers the use of this as promotional material an invalidation of the intent.

Code of Conduct