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Laos Motorcycle Tours

Remote Asia Travel, based in Laos offers quality tours of the country based on your riding skills and terrain request.  Our bikes are Honda CRF, XR and Baja 250cc models and well maintained.  We have a few larger/smaller capacity bikes in the fleet as well but the 250 is the perfect bike for Laos.

Remote Asia Travel Motorcycle Tours is also known as Dirt Bike Asia and Laos Motorcycle Rentals. 
We have over 550,000 miles in Southeast Asia on our company and many more to to go so yes, we and can guide your trip or set up the tour for you easily.  There are a few companies that have tours but have not ridden as extensively as Remote Asia’s team.  It’s not only about the bike and adventure riding – your holiday on the bike includes time off the bike and excellent scenery.  We like hard tours but really enjoy tours that balance seeing the country, experiencing life here and getting an understanding of Laos.


We offer full service tours and a complete line of protective riding gear to keep you safe.  Our rides can range from limited skills riders to advanced hard core dirt riders and we custom build itineraries.  Our sample 1 – 12 day guided tours here can be easily modified as you wish or by the time of year as some tracks are not open all year round.


We prefer to run tours that are all inclusive, this way all you have to do is show up and ride.  If you are interested in a tour, please send us an email and we’ll begin working something up just for you and your group. 

1 - 3 Day Tours
Only a little time?  Email us what you'd like to do!  We'll do our best to get you out there!

4 Day Tours
2 days dirt - 2 days paved VTE - VTE                                       80% paved roads VTE - LPQ

5 Day Tours
Mixed Dirt/Paved VTE - VTE                                                        Paved Route VTE - LPQ

6 Day Tours
Mixed Dirt/Paved VTE - VTE                                                        Paved Route 6 Day VTE - LPQ

7 Day Tours
Laos Northeast, paved                                                                Pakse Loop, mixed terrain

8 Day Tours
Northeast Laos, all paved VTE -VTE

10 Day Tours
Northern Laos mixed roads VTE- VTE

11 Day
Southern Laos mixed Roads VTE - VTE

12 Day
Indochina War Route VTE - Pakse VTE - Pakse