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Jim Heston of California 2 Phnom PenhJimCA2 is Jim Heston, owner of California 2 Cafe and Hotel   in Phnom Penh. Jim's place is one of my favorite hangouts in PP and the fish tacos are pretty damn good.  Jim is an avid photographer, motorcyclist, temple hunter and is involved with Operation Smile in Cambodia, good people repairing cleft lip deformities.  Visit him online at

Some Jim Heston photos used on our site


John and Richard are good friends of Remote Asia and we thank them for the input and photos from several motorcycle trips It's great to have a Father - Son combination on tours and we look forward to more time with both the international men of mystery. John (l) Richard (R)

Ha and Hanno

Thank you for all the photos of Bhutan and a few select ones from Vietnam!  Hanno and Ha are good friends of ours and wish a simple credit only.


His passion is traveling. He wants to show the world the beauty of the countries that people can only think of danger, fighting, obstacles…by taking its beautiful pictures and videos. His blog is also very interesting. Quynh really likes this (Thanks Fabien for your love to Northern Vietnam in particularly!!!). He is carrying out a project that gives students of different levels in the developed countries a chance to learn more about those in the poor countries. He also wants to share his experience with other travelers, travel magazines, cultural associations, private companies and rich people as well as support his project. He has a dream of traveling by Minsk (a Belarusian motorcycle) from Hanoi to Lille (wandering if Jim wants to do Vientiane – San Francisco on his mutant Minsk?).

We would also like to thank: 

Digby from Explore Indochina

Phil Freeman of Motoquest Tours

and so many more, we are updating this page soon.

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