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Taipei Eastern Coast Explorer Tour

11 days 10 nights

Similar to our survey tour of Taiwan in July, 2011, we are pleased to present the Eastern Coast Explorer Tour. Starting in the city, we'll have a look at the main sites and then make our way over the mountains and enjoy the natural beauty of the eastern seaboard of Taiwan.  Look to be impressed by the soaring walls of Tarako Gorge, the beautiful East Rift Valley, stunning coastline and lush tea plantations of the northeast corner of the country.  We loved this tour and sure you will as well!


Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Taipei
Day 2: Taipei City tour
Day 3: Taipei –
Northern Cross Island Highway - Wuling Farm
Day 4:
Wuling Farm - Fushoushan Farm - Taroko Gorge - Seven Star Bay – Hua Lien
Day 5: Hua Lien -
Liyu Lake - Fuyuan forest recreation area – Yuli
Day 6: Day trek to Nanan National Park
Day 7:
Yuli – ChishangLuyeTaitung - Chihpen Forest Recreation
Day 8:
Chihpen Forest Recreation – East Coast - Jici Beach
Day 9:
Jici Beach – East Coast – JiuFen
Day 10:
JiuFen - Pinglin- Wulai – Bitan Lake
Day 11: Taipei departure


Day to Day Itinerary


Day 1: Arrive in Taipei (D)
Upon your arrival, meet your local guide and driver. You are then driven to the hotel for check in. Depending on your arrival time, you can choose to visit one of the following sites: Taipei 101 or Night market (Raohe Street or Shin Lin Night Market) or night view tour
Note: We will have light travel plan for your first day in Taipei. The trip will be given depend on your arrive time.


Day 2: Taipei City tour (B/L/D)
After a good night sleep, you have breakfast at the hotel and the day is spent to explore the city including Traditional Temple, visit to a Local Market, National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the Presidential Office Building. In the evening, depending on what you have seen the night before, you can choose to visit one of the following sites: Taipei 101 or Night market (Raohe Street or Shin Lin Night Market) or night view tour. You will be back to the hotel at about 8pm


Day 3: Taipei - Northern Cross Island Highway - Wuling Farm (B/L/D)
Depart Taipei, you have a week ahead to explore the East of Taiwan including the
amazing Northern Cross Island Highway with wild scenery, stunning East Coast Loop with coastal waters and rugged shorelines and partial North East Loop with magnificent landscape and interesting story. You spend the night camping at Wuling Farm.
Northern Cross Island Highway: The highway starts in the old Taoyuan County town of Daxi (not to be confused with the Ilan County town on the northeast coast), famous for its excellent dòugân (firm tofu) and the Qing-dynasty façades on Heping St. At first the road winds through the countryside, passing flower farms. other seasonal farms  and settlements, including the burial grounds of former leader Chiang Kai-shek. After passing above Shimen Reservoir, the largest body of water in northern Taiwan, the road narrows and starts to rise and wind its way along steep gorges, across precipitously high bridges and through some pretty fantastic mountain scenery. At Chilan, the highway descends suddenly and an hour later enters the flood plains of the Lanyang River. It then continues South to Wuling Forest Recreation Area. There are many great stops leading to waterfalls, caves, forest reserves, hot springs and stands of ancient trees.
Wuling Farm: Wuling Farm arranged for the veterans to engage in agricultural production at the initial stage, and then developed agricultural resources of mountain farms that affiliated with the commission along the East-West Cross-Island Highway. In spring, peach, pear, and apple trees found in abundance through the farm property envelop the area in their subtly fragrances. During summer time, newly ripened fruit hang plump and temptingly juicy amongst high tree branches. Take a look is enough to make your taste badly tingled. As autumn warmth wanes, the maple forest covering the mountains valley with red blanket, with maple leaves shimmering and dancing in the crispy mountain breeze. When winter comes, caps of white snow deposited at peak of reefs and the whole area put on cloth white enough to dwarf alpine. Under the cycle of seasons, you see its beauty in different faces

Note: Today we will have long drive about 6-8 hours driving in the mountain. Please be prepared enough warm clothes in winter time


Day 4: Wuling Farm - Fushoushan Farm - Taroko Gorge - Seven Star bay – Hua Lien (B/L/D)
Awake up in the farm, enjoy the morning’s fresh air deep in the Mountain valley while having breakfast. Today, you experience the wonderful change of landscape and pace from mountain to ocean and the world wonder’s Taroko Gorge!

Fushoushan Farm:
There are impressive landscapes in all seasons with precious agricultural specialties and natural tourist resources. There is the Heaven Pool on the top of the farm where there is water all year long. Also, there are dozens of temperate fruits, mountain vegetables and flowers. Therein, Fushou Everspring Tea is the prime in Taiwan loved by the public
Taroko Gorge- Impressive grand canyons
: Taroko is famous for its spectacular mountains and marble canyons. Cliffs and canyons stretch along Li Wu River. Four million years ago, the island of Taiwan was formed by the collision of plates. After millions of years of wind erosion, the marble rocks were exposed and cut by Li Wu River, creating impressive grand canyons. From Tsing Shui to Nan Hu Peak, the drop height is 3,742 meters.
Seven Star bay- Pacific Ocean  sun set seeing
: This beautiful area of coastline lies at the tip of a crescent bay overlooking the blue-green Pacific Ocean. Still a fishing village at heart, the area’s outstanding beauty has made it a popular tourist attraction, now one of Taiwan’s most visited sightseeing beach areas.
Hualien - local food dinner:
This city owing to the Hualien River empties into the Pacific Ocean on the East Coast . Hualien County, facing the immense Pacific Ocean in the east and leaning against the grand Central Mountain Range in the west, is famous for its beautiful scenery.


Day 5: Hua Lien - Liyu Lake - Fuyuan forest recreation area – Yuli (B/L/D
Today, you travel along the East Rift Valley Scenic Area. And spend the night at a small quiet town of Yuli where we take you to the best B&B of Taiwan!
Liyu Lake: Its the largest natural inland lake in Taiwan, and has a splendid backdrop of lush green hills. There are pavilions and walking trails and even boat rental shops along the shores, but they are mostly of wood-and-stone construction and blend in nicely with the environment.
Fuyuan forest recreation area:
The geology of this area is formed by Tertiary metamorphic rocks with various shapes and colors, the giant rocks are very colorful. There are magnificent cliffs upstream that even have a suspension bridge across the creek. Fuyuan Falls let out cool anions from atop the cliffs. A small canyon, with forest to either side, is the most beautiful natural landscape. The slope downstream is less steep. Its water is crystal blue and the rocks nearby are white and gray.
The crystal-clear water of this alkaline spring is clear but has the unpleasant odor of hydrogen sulfide. It emerges from the ground in copious quantities at a temperature of 66 degrees Celsius. It is said to cure wounds, skin ailments, and gastric complaints, among other things.


Day 6: Day trek to Nanan National Park (B/L/D)
You spend a day to explore what Yuli has to offer! The day trek is what we recommend, but the overnight trek can also be organized if you have the time. Just let us know!

Nanan national park: In the Nan An area, you will see miscellaneous landforms are valleys, waterfall, cliffs and etc which were carved by the rivers. Cultural and historical trails are preserved through the Ching Dynasty Batongguan Historic Trail, the Japanese Occupation Era Batongguan Traversing Road and the Guanshan Traversing Road. These trails were the entrance to the highest mountain, Jade mountain, in Taiwan.
Note: Today we will have long walk in forest please wear comfortable shoes and bring enough water.


Day 7: Yuli – ChishangLuyeTaitung - Chihpen Forest Recreation (B/L/D)
Continuing down the road number 9, along the Southern part of the East Rift Valley, take your time to explore and by the end of the day, soak in natural hot spring in Chihpen to wash away all tiredness!
Chishang: Chishang is an important tourist scenic spot on the East Rift Valley route. With its smooth terrain, fertile land, and plentiful rain, the locals subsist mainly on rice. The influence of the climate causes the rice-grains to be larger, with better resilience, and of superior quality and taste. In the past, this rice was sent to offer tribute to the Japanese Emperor. Chishang lunchboxes owe their fame to the wonderful Chishang rice.
The Luye area, which was formerly called "Luliao", is Taitung County's most famous tea farm area. In the early 1960s, due to the suitability of the climate and soil, it became a tea cultivation area. The Taitung Branch of the Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station was also set up here. Thus, one can imagine the quality and scale of the Luye Tea Plantation at that time was first class.
Taitung city:
Taitung, the home of natural wonders, appears long and narrow in shape. Hills are found on one side and water on the other side. With Central and Coastal Mountain Ranges running through it, the landborders on Siouguluan River and Hu alien in the north, Dawu Mountain and Pingtung in the south, and faces the Pacific Ocean on the east side.
 Forest Recreation: Chihpen is no doubting the beauty of the natural surroundings, set in a canyon at the foot of a mountain range. The village itself is unremarkable, featuring the usual gaggle of restaurants and convenience stores lining each side of the main road that runs through it.
Note: After the long walking, we can have hot spring for relax. So please prepare your swimsuit for the comfortable bathing


Day 8: Chihpen Forest Recreation – East Coast - Jici Beach (B/L/D)
Have enough mountain and look for ocean breeze, wait no longer! Today, you travel along the scenic East Coast and spend the night on the sandy beach. Camping and BBQ diner await at Jici beach. If you want to have one more day to relax at the beach, just let us know!
Dulan: This is a large valley, to the west of which is Mt. Dulan, once noted for producing large quantities of jewels. Nearby is the Giant Stone Culture Remains, which have been designated as a national archaeological site. Visitors have a chance to exercise their brains and see the strange phenomenon.
Sanhsientai(Three Immortals Terrace)
: This small offshore is formed by volcanic blocks.  This island is covered with oddly shaped rock, and other topographical features. It is home to numerous species of plants, and the sea, rich in marine life, makes the area ideal spot for skin diving.
Shihtiping(Stone Stair Flats)
: Named for the stairlike way it ascends from  the ocean.  To the south, halfway up the hills along the highway, is a cave called Yeuhtung(Moon Cave), which is a bout 70 meters long and affords another marvelous sight. Shihmen(Stone Gate)
This coast features many eroded caves and platforms.  Named for one of the caves, it is shaped like an arch.
Beach: The first sandy bay south of Hualien having a terraced topography, is ideal for camping and swimming.
Note: Today we will ride along the coastline, you might need the sun glasses and protection.


Day 9: Jici Beach – East Coast drive – JiuFen (B/L/D)
Continuing north along the East Coast, enjoy its sounds and sights. Before the end of day, you will know why we bring you to JiuFen for the night!
Jiaosi hot springs: The special ground or crust stratum in Yilan County had made this area well known for its numerous hot springs, which are the result of air warmed by some source underground, and rising upward blended with under-layer water. Among them you would see the most historic " Jiaosi Hot Spring", which is quite rare in Taiwan for its occurrence on a flatland. " Tangwei Hot spring", meanwhile, has been famous since Ching Dynasty and placed on the list of " Eight Scenes of Lanyang Area". The Hot Springs area is the busiest district of Jiaosi Township with hot springs hotels lining the streets on either end of the railway station. Public springs are also available on Jhongjheng and Gongyuan Roads, and behind the Wusha Memorial Hall. Admission is free.
Historic Commercial District-old street, Songde Park, Wufan Tunnel, Some spots of Spirited Away.  The village once was gold city of Asia and called little Shanghai or little Hong Kong. However, with the decline of gold mining activities, Jiufen fades. Later, several movies chose to shoot here and the movies won international acknowledgement. For example, the film the Sad City has won first prize in Venice Film Festival and awakened people's memory of Jiufen. It seems that the prosperous old streets, buildings, mines and the glamorous gold digging days are flashing before our eyes.


Day 10: JiuFen -  Pinglin- Wulai – Bitan Lake (B/L/D)

Today, you make your way back to Taipei by having a loop via the following sites:
Pinglin is famous for its locally grown bao chung tea.  The town also features the world’s largest tea museum, where you can learn not only how tea is grown and processed, but also how to drink it.
Wulai Aboriginal Tribe village: Wulai is the home of Atayal tribe people, and here you can observe their traditional dances and rituals; if you're interested, you can join in the dancing yourself. You can also enjoy the sight of a gushing waterfall amidst the lush green landscape, or take an exciting cable-car ride across the gorge. Wulai is surrounded on all sides by mountains, a place of beauty including streams, hot springs, waterfalls, cherry blossoms and red maple leaves, birds and butterflies, a cable car.
Bitan green lake - night view: Bitan is one of the eight famous attractions in Taiwan for people to relax and enjoy their vocation. The lake's steep cliffs and aquamarine water make it one of Xindian's scenic spots. The green lake suspension bridge was renovated and reopened to public use in 2000. A park on the eastern shore contains paths and viewing stands. Floating in a boat on the lake, the reflection of the green mountains create and exquisitely beautiful scene. You will be back to hotel around 9pm


Day 11: Taipei departure (B)
After breakfast at the hotel, the day is free at leisure until time for airport transfer. On the way, you will pay a visit to a local fish market.
Note: We will have easy travel plan for your last day in Taiwan. The trip will be given depend on your departure time.


Our trip includes:

  • Private 9 seater-van 
  • Full time English speaking guide
  • 4 stars hotel or unique local guest house 
  • Traditional Taiwanese meals
  • Local cell phone and sim card
  • Unforgettable memories
  • Entrance fee

Our trip excludes:

  • International flights
  • Visa & visa arrangement
  • Meals not indicated
  • Drinking water, soft drink and alcohol
  • Tips & personal expenses