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Taipei Western Explorer Tour

11 days 10 nights

Introduction: The West of Taiwan allows you to experience contrasts, from rich farmland, through the high mountains of the central range and end in coastline. Here you can visit the island’s loveliest natural lake of Sun Moon, travel through three bio-geographical zones – tropical, subtropical and temperate – in just three hours (a rare old single-track alpine railway is your carriage – temporary closure) in Alishan area, explore Tainan - the oldest city of the island and finally, enjoy the white sand beaches in the Southern tip! If you want more, just let us know.


Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Taipei (D)
Day 2: Taipei City tour
Day 3: Taipei –
Northern Cross Island Highway - Wuling Farm (B/L/D)
Day 4: Wuling Farm - Fushoushan Farm - Mount Hehuan - Chingching Farm (B/L/D)
Day 5:
Chingching Farm - Sun Moon Lake (B/L/D)
Day 6: Sun Moon Lake - Alishan - Train ride
Day 7: Alishan - Tainan
Day 8:  Tainan
 tour (B/L/D)
Day 9: Tainan
 – Kenting (B/L/D)
Day 10: Kenting beach
Day 11: Kenting departure (B)


Day to Day Itinerary


Day 1: Arrive in Taipei (D)
Upon your arrival, meet your local guide and driver. You are then driven to the hotel for check in. Depending on your arrival time, you can choose to visit one of the following sites: Taipei 101 or Night market (Raohe Street or Shin Lin Night Market) or night view tour.
Note: We will have light travel plan for your first day in Taipei. The trip will be given depend on your arrive time.


Day 2: Taipei City tour (B/L/D)
After a good night sleep, you have breakfast at the hotel and the day is spent to explore the city including Traditional Temple, visit to a Local Market, National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the Presidential Office Building. In the evening, depending on what you have seen the night before, you can choose to visit one of the following sites: Taipei 101 or Night market (Raohe Street or Shin Lin Night Market) or night view tour. You will be back to the hotel at about 8pm


Day 3: Taipei - Northern Cross Island Highway - Wuling Farm (B/L/D)
Depart Taipei, you have a week ahead to explore the West of Taiwan where you can experience
contrasts, from rich farmland, through the high mountains of the central range and end in coastline. Here you can travel through three bio-geographical zones – tropical, subtropical and temperate – in just three hours (a rare old single-track alpine railway is your carriage)! Today, you spend the night camping at Wuling Farm.

Northern Cross Island Highway: The highway starts in the old Taoyuan County town of Daxi (not to be confused with the Ilan County town on the northeast coast), famous for its excellent dòugân (firm tofu) and the Qing-dynasty façades on Heping St. At first the road winds through the countryside, passing flower farms. other seasonal farms  and settlements, including the burial grounds of former leader Chiang Kai-shek. After passing above Shimen Reservoir, the largest body of water in northern Taiwan, the road narrows and starts to rise and wind its way along steep gorges, across precipitously high bridges and through some pretty fantastic mountain scenery. At Chilan, the highway descends suddenly and an hour later enters the flood plains of the Lanyang River. It then continues South to Wuling Forest Recreation Area. There are many great stops leading to waterfalls, caves, forest reserves, hot springs and stands of ancient trees.
Wuling Farm: Wuling Farm arranged for the veterans to engage in agricultural production at the initial stage, and then developed agricultural resources of mountain farms that affiliated with the commission along the East-West Cross-Island Highway. In spring, peach, pear, and apple trees found in abundance through the farm property envelop the area in their subtly fragrances. During summer time, newly ripened fruit hang plump and temptingly juicy amongst high tree branches. Take a look is enough to make your taste badly tingled. As autumn warmth wanes, the maple forest covering the mountains valley with red blanket, with maple leaves shimmering and dancing in the crispy mountain breeze. When winter comes, caps of white snow deposited at peak of reefs and the whole area put on cloth white enough to dwarf alpine. Under the cycle of seasons, you see its beauty in different faces

Note: Today we will have long drive about 6-8 hours driving in the mountain. Please be prepared enough warm clothes in winter time


Day 4: Wuling Farm - Fushoushan Farm - Mount Hehuan - Chingching Farm (B/L/D)
Awake up in the farm, enjoy the morning’s fresh air deep in the mountain valley while having breakfast.
Today, you continue South through the centre land of the country.

Fushoushan Farm: There are impressive landscapes in all seasons with precious agricultural specialties and natural tourist resources. There is the Heaven Pool on the top of the farm where there is water all year long. Also, there are dozens of temperate fruits, mountain vegetables and flowers.
Mount Hehuan - the highest road in East Asia: Mount Hehuan is the most likely place for visitors to see snowfall. This is on account of the relatively high levels of humidity in the area-- Mount Hehuan sees a yearly average of 5,300 millimeters of rain. The mountain's lack of steep gradients forces these clouds to climb gradually in altitude and hold their moisture for a longer period. The increase in the level of humidity raises the possibility of snow during winter. It is the best place to see snow in the tropics, and escape from the summer heat. In as little as one day, you can travel the highest road in East Asia, and take the many hiking paths that lead off the main road.
Chingching Farm is actually a collection of smaller farms, is one of a handful of places in Taiwan where sheep and cattle are raised. At weekends the farms can become crowded with city-dwellers who flock here to see cows and sheep grazing in green pastures. It is possible to stay at a hotel at Chingching Farm.
Note: Today we will have a small hike in the mountain about 1 hour. Please be prepared enough clothes and comfortable shoes


Day 5: Chingching Farm - Sun Moon Lake (B/L/D)
Your goal today is to reach Sun Moon Lake, the only natural lake of the country – the island’s loveliest natural landscape - where you spend the night.

Chung Tai Chan Monastery is the most modern temple in Taiwan. By building and expanding on the firm foundation already in place, Chung Tai will continue to spread the bodhisattva way, that is, the practice of bringing infinite compassion and enlightenment to all beings.
Puli is at the center of Taiwan. With an elevation between 380~700 meters, Puli is a basin surrounded by rising & falling mountains, hills and farmland. The most famous tourist spots include the Puli Brewery Factory, Guangxing(Guangshing) paper Manufactory; its special products (fine food) are wild rice stems, passion fruit, red sugar canes, rice-noodles, and Shaoxing wine.
Sun Moon Lake - Taking a boat on the lake: The Sun Moon Lake, located in the middle of Taiwan, with an elevation of 748 meters above sea level, is the only natural big lake in Taiwan. The southern part is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name Sun Moon Lake.
Antique Assam Tea Farm: Experience tea picking and tea making in the plantations. Smell the aroma, sip a cup of soothing tea, listen to birds chirping in the woods, and take in the traditional culture slowly, quietly.During the Japanese occupation period, superior tea seeds were imported from India to Yuchi (fish pond) Township in Nantou County by the Japanese government. Since then, Yuchi has been an ideal area to cultivate black tea. During the Japanese colonial era, tea produced in Yuchi, was served to the Japanese Emperor.
Note: Today we will take a boat on the sun moon lake. Please be prepared enough warm clothes.


Day 6: Sun Moon Lake - Alishan - Train ride (B/L/D)

Through the high mountains of the central range, you travel to Alishan National Forest aea

Alishan forestry railroad: The scenery along the Ali Mountain (Alishan) forestry railroad is extraordinarily lovely, filled as it is with the beauties of nature, and it attracts large numbers of visitors. In addition to riding the train and enjoying the scenery along its route, you can get closer to nature by walking mountain trails and savoring the rich diversity of wildlife and vegetation there as you savor the refreshing shade of the trees.
Alishan National Forest Recreation Area is located in Alishan Township, Chiayi, covering an area of 1400 hectares with the main tourism spot locating at about 2,200 meters high above sea level. It is cloudy mid-elevation temperate climate with an average annual temperature 10.6 and the annual rainfall is up to 4,000 mm. There are about 209 raining days and 244 foggy days on average. The heavily wet weather contribute the outstanding forest and climate landscape such as Alishan sunrise, sea of clouds, afterglow, forest, railways which count to the five famous sightseeing spots known internationally.
Cloud ocean - Famous view but depends on the weather: Alishan is very famous for the cloud ocean. The clouds are so dense and thick that the mountaintops appear like islands on the cloud ocean. The best time to watch the cloud season is autumn and visitors can go to Ziyun Temple, Alishan Hotel, Alishan Rail Station, Zaoping Park and the first parking lot. In addition, the Alishan Forest Railway is also very famous because it is one of the three mountain rails in the world.
Note:  We will walk in the trail with thousand years old trees. Please wear the comfortable shoes


Day 7: Alishan - Tainan (B/L/D)

Don’t forget that you will wake up in Alishan, well known for its sunrises, and on a suitable morning you can observe the sun come up on a sea of clouds in the area between Alishan and Yüshan! But tonight, you will find yourself in Tainan – the oldest city in Taiwan.

Chiayi County relies on mountains and faces the sea. Comparing with other counties and cities in Taiwan, it is the only one that has three great national scenic areas-- Alishan National Scenic Area, Silaya National Scenic Area, and Southwest Coast National Scenic Area. Chiayi County has majestic and broad scenery surrounded with hills and waters, a landscape of lakes and seascapes. The Tropic of Cancer passes through 23.5 N and brings unique geography characteristics for Chiayi.The wetland is full of interesting and exuberant nature, meanwhile, the abundant ecological environment and azure sea area are formed with attractive and leisurely scenery along the coast of Chiayi.
Salt mountain visiting: Salt industry had been an important industry on the southwest coast in Taiwan. Beautiful salt farm was once the collective memory of Taiwanese people. Due the high cost of production, TAIYEN had to close all its salt farms in May, 2002. Salt industry thus became a part of history.  Because of its warm and humid climate, Taiwan has extremely rich vegetation which attracts many birds.
Anping: In 1624, Dutch built the first fort in Anping, Taiwan, called "Fort Zeelandia", now known as Anping Fort, where has been the administrative center of the Dutch regime, and the hub for trading. The building was originally constructed in square inner fortress and rectangle outer walls. In 1661, the fort was renamed as Anping to commemorate his home town when Guoxingye (Cheng Cheng-Kung) has driven the Dutch out of Taiwan. Therefore, Fort Zeelandia was also known as "King's Fort" or "Taiwan Fort", nicknamed Anping Fort.
Note: Today we will have long drive about 6-8 hours driving in the mountain. Please be prepared enough warm clothes.


Day 8:  Tainan tour (B/L/D)

After breakfast, the day is spent to explore the oldest city of the island by sight and taste.

historical remains: When visiting Tainan, visitors can see and enjoy the long historic cultural remains in the old city. After touring the scenic spots like: Chihkan Tower, Mazu Temple, Confucian Temple, Koxinga Shrine, Sanshan Guowang Temple, Kaiyuan Temple, Old Fort of Anping, and Eternal Fortress, visitors will not only get a brand new feeling, but also get their appetite satisfied.
God of War: This temple, along with the Confucius Temple, is known as one of the oldest and best-preserved temples in Taiwan. Just when it was originally built is not known, but according to legend it was during the Ming dynasty's Yungli reign, in the mid-17th century. During the Qing dynasty, this was where government officials offered sacrifices to the god.
Tainan local food: There are numerous famous snacks in Tainan. For example, the coffin-like sandwich "Coffin"; the pastry developed by fishermen for passing through the slack season "Braised pork noodle"; rice paste baked into soft pancakes by the edge of hot pots, then cooked into thick soup "Pot-edged pancake soup" (Tingpientsuo/ Dingbiencuo); other snacks include glutinous rice dumplings, salty rice pudding, eel noodles, Taiwanese meatballs, spearfish thick soup, glutinous rice cakes, floating fish soup, pyramid dumplings, fish congee, etc.
Tainan night market: There are over two dozen night markets of various sizes in and around the city. Regardless of size, night markets all possess an abundance of stalls selling clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys, food and drink. Some even have live entertainment.


Day 9: Tainan – Kenting (B/L/D)

Have enough mountains and look for ocean breeze, wait no longer! Today, you travel along Southwest Coast and spend the night on the sandy beach. If you want to have one more day to relax at the beach, just let us know!


Xizi Bay is perched on the sea at the western edge of Kaohsiung City, just southwest of Mt. Longevity, with the Qijin Peninsuna stretching southward. Its main feature is known for its clear blue water, the beauty of its sunsets, and its natural reef.
Dapeng Bay: The northern boundary of Dapeng Bay is the Provincial Highway 17 and the Ping 63 County Road. To the south, there is a 600-meter sea area starting from the high tide mark of the coastal line. The main features of Dapeng Bay include the Qingzhou Rest Area. In this region, there is a famous boat festival of the Donglong Temple in Donggang. Tourists can also enjoy the beautiful submarine scenery on Liuqiu Island.
Kending - White sandy beaches: There are beautiful white sandy beaches to sunbathe on, limestone cliffs, tropical forests and mountain scenery, and the area offers excellent opportunities for water sports, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking and cycling through forests and meadows.


Day 10: Kenting beach (B/L/D)

You have choice to just relax on the white sand beach or visiting the following sights

Kending national park: This is Taiwan's most densely populated national park, and it includes large stretches of agricultural land's providing visitors with a view of typical Taiwanese rural life. In addition, the national park includes mountains, forests, pasture, lakes, sand dunes, beaches, and coral reefs imply everything you could desire when you want to get up front and personal with Mother Nature.
Eluanbi Park - The island's southernmost point: Eluanbi Park was created in 1982 to provide an appropriate venue for people coming to visit Taiwan's southernmost point and one of the peninsula's most notable landmarks, the Eluanbi Lighthouse, also called "The Light of East Asia". It stands 21.4 meters high and is reputedly the brightest lighthouse in Asia.
Jialeshuei - Geo park: Jialeshuei is a well-known scenic spot due to the natural beauty of its white caps and unusual rocks, Manjhou County Township Office decided to establish the "Jialeshuei Scenic Area". This was to allow the tourists to experience the amazing seacoast scenery. The coast here originally was made up of rock stratum which had accumulated deep in the ocean.
Kending night life: In Kenting town, there are quite a few bars and even a place or two where you can dance your way late into the night. Just walk along Kenting Rd after dusk and let your senses guide you. The liquor store has some nice surprises, and yes, you are allowed to open a bottle pretty much anywhere you want - on the road or at the beach.

Note: Today we will enjoy the beach or the special eco system in Kenting. During the night, we will enjoy local night life here.


Day 11: Kending departure (B)

It will take them about 3-4 hour from Kending to the Airport. If you wish to travel back to Taipei, we can arrange high speed train at extra cost.  


Our trip includes

  • Private 9 seat van
  • Full time English speaking guide
  • 4 stars hotel or unique local guest house 
  • Traditional Taiwanese meals
  • Local cell phone and sim card
  • Unforgettable memories
  • Entrance fee


Our trip excludes

  • International flights
  • Visa & visa arrangement
  • Meals not indicated
  • Drinking water, soft drink and alcohol
  • Tips & personal expenses