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Motorcycle Tours in Laos - Terrain and Road Conditions

Laos has differing terrains and examples of Easy, Medium and Difficult terrain are below.  If you are on a difficult terrain day, it will not be 100% full on and you can expect a good mixture of all three levels.  Hardcore/Extreme situations do exist and are sometimes on difficult sections - all conditions are influenced by weather.  In rainy season, all roads move up one notch as landslides can sometimes make an easy paved road difficult.

Knowing your limitations is important and no matter what your preference, let us know and we'll try to plan out the best ride for your ability. 

Paved roads and simple dirt roads.  Not to be taken for granted as driving in Laos has numerous obstacles along the way like chickens, dogs, cattle, little children and other drivers!  The dirt road below is relatively easy with increased awareness to the edges as they sometimes are large drop offs. There may be a little water from time to time but not more than ankle deep.


The road conditions for Medium are diverse.  Loose rock surfaces, light mud, grooved down slopes from rain run off, small water crossings, stable but tricky suspension bridges and loose soil on dirt trails.The most prevalent is mud and it can be very slick - like ice.  Water crossings can be deeper than mid calf.


Conditions change by season and deeper mud, slick compressed dirt, water crossings all add up to a great day on the bike.  Riding in your ability keeps you safe, consult us for more information. Sometimes the terrain is fine but the surrounding area is a bit nerve racking with deep fissures and drop offs of several hundred feet.


You need strong riding skills and stamina for these types of conditions.  During rainy season, some of the locations are not passable by bike, beast or monster truck.