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Thai monk with a Tiger in his lap!Thailand - A simply wonderful place and the land of smiles!  A Kingdom with an interesting history and more interesting current events that have an impact on the entire region!  While troubles happen from time to time, we're sure that we can show you the best the nation has to offer.  We've taken only a few tours in Thailand and will add our Remote Asia Style to each one!  If it's your first time to Southeast Asia, come discover why so many people have decided to live in the Kingdom of Thailand, the gateway to the region and if it's a return trip for you - Let us inspire you again.

Remote Asia Travel’s Thailand Tours

All Remote Asia Travel itineraries are flexible to your needs.  All tours below can be modified to suit your dates or request.

Bangkok Escape!

For those that live in the region and have never visited some sites in Bangkok and the region.  Fur Therapy awaits!

Northern Thailand Minority Tour

Enjoy the stunning scenery and learn about the colorful minorities of northern Thailand as well as the region.

Thailand In Depth
Our longest tour of the Kingdom and a mix of all the tours we offer.  This tour combines the best of Thailand in one package!

Quynh in Northern Thailand feeding an elephant
Featured Journey for Thailand

Beaches, Lagoons and Island in the Sun

    Phi Phi Island Image Phuket region tour
A wander by water around the Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi areas.
Perfect for relaxation and a little underwater fun.

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