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Images of lush rice fields, golden temples, isolated villages and nations that all have a genuine smile come to mind with the name Indochina.  Remote Asia has traveled the region in search of great destinations and tour information.  Our packages are varied in length and designed for tastes that run to short excursions to longer expeditions. As with all our itineraries, your personal dream of what you would like to see and explore is important, let us know and we’ll design the days. Our tours cover Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Northern Thailand.  Most tours should end with a few days beach time in Thailand...

Tours in Indochina by Remote Asia Travel

All Remote Asia Travel itineraries are flexible to your needs.  All tours below can be modified to suit your dates or request.

Our Journeys in Indochina 

Golden Triangle and Mekong River Journey
Starting in with an overnight along the Mekong in Northern Thailand and winding your way through Laos, this tour is brief but packed with great scenery and one of the best river trips in Asia.  Options abound and a variety of additional tours can be fit to the start or finish of this trip.

World Heritage Southeast Asian Excursion

18 days of the World Heritage sites of the area with full tours of each location.

Indochina Snapshot

A photographer’s dream journey compacted into 18 days.  Enjoy the colours and vibrancy Remote Asia Style

Indochina Grand Circuit Overland
A 30 day adventure in the region with fantastic train, slow boats and trekking – see it all at ground level!

Mekong Passages

Three weeks exploring the life blood of Southeast Asia, the Mekong River. 

Southern Laos to Cambodia Overland
New territory for most people and a trip highly requested so we enjoyed the exploration and combined it into a 9 day journey.

Northern Passages of Remote Laos and Vietnam

This newly designed tour lasting 12 days explores the beautiful northern areas of Laos and Vietnam with a focus on minorities and scenery.

Laos to Vietnam Overland Exploration
This 9 day tour takes you at ground level from Luang Prabang to Hanoi with superb stops along the way.

Southeast Asian Highlights
Three weeks around the region experiencing must-see destinations and side tours that accents the journey.

Featured Journey for Indochina
Hanoi to Luang Prabang Overland Excursion

A unique tour taking you on the cusp of being off the grid - well actually you will get way off the beaten path - Remote Asia Style!  

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For more in information on the Indochina Region, please Contact Us for more details on any tour!