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The fastest growing country in Southeast Asia is also the fastest growing tourist destination and we’ve combined all the essential sights and select remote destinations in a variety of packages.  From great beaches to minority markets in the fog or a slow cruise along a small river at dusk the diversity of Vietnam is impressive. As with all our journeys, if you have a dream – let us know and we’ll make your wish come true with a carefully designed itinerary.  Adventure minded?  Our Motorcycle Tours might be just the thing!

Tours in Vietnam by Remote Asia Travel

All Remote Asia Travel itineraries are flexible to your needs.  All tours below can be modified to suit your dates or request.

Minority Market Expedition Week

Awaken your senses and step back in time at the markets that are the lifeblood of the minorities of northern Vietnam.  This is a photographer's dream trip and a sister tour to the Minority Market Hunt!

Vietnam Grand Tour
22 days covering all of Vietnam top to bottom. Classic tours and some unique side trips fill the days and make a memorable journey.

Northern Vietnam In Depth
Northern Vietnam, from the beauty of Ha Long Bay to the scenic mountains and combined with excursions to Minority Markets, a total package of life in the north.

Northwest Vietnam Loop
The classic 13 day tour of the northwest of Vietnam with carefully selected visits to remote areas and excursions along beautifully scenic areas.

World Heritage and Cultural Vietnam Discovery
Vietnam’s World Heritage sites complete with additional trips to historic areas and peaceful towns.

Northeast Vietnam Loop
Starting from Hanoi, enjoy the wonders of Ha Long and continue along in the rugged mountain areas and mingle with colourful minorities.

Hanoi and Ha Long Package
Enjoy the serenity of Ha Long Bay and the old world charm of Hanoi in this 5 day trip sure to have you wanting more!

Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta Package
From the bright lights to the vintage era along the Mekong Delta, this 5 day tour includes the must see locations of the south.

Featured Journey for Vietnam

Minority Market Hunting Expedition

Get Remote in northern Vietnam on our Minority Market Hunting Expedition!  We'll travel around to different minority markets according to the various schedules - even try to plot a remote, less visited market only on the Lunar Calender!

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